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MUBAS hosts final EASE project learning event

On the 18th of April 2024 the EASE partners gathered at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS) for the final dissemination event of the project. Organised by the WASHTED centre (the local academic partner for EASE), who are based at MUBAS, the event showcased learning from all the EASE partners and each core theme of activity.

Opening the event, Associate Professor Mphatso Kamndaya, Executive Dean of School of Science & Technology, highlighted the importance of academia reaching out and collaborating with NGOs and the private sector on innovative, active learning projects. The EASE project provides a good example of this type of collaboration and for the team visiting from Strathclyde, it was great to see such a range of stakeholders represented in the room. It was also fantastic to see this type of event being hosted at the University, showcasing the excellent conferencing facilities. In particular, it was wonderful to have so many students and staff dropping in and out of the event during the day and watching via Facebook Live. This type of engagement was actively encouraged in the build up with the aim of reaching a much wider audience and inspiring the youth community with examples of how their skills could be applied to the SDG7 challenge. It seems that knowledge sharing events are often hosted at hotel facilities in Lilongwe – it would be great to see more examples of the university facilities in Northern, Central and Southern regions being the focal points for sharing knowledge. In fact, at this event, some of the most challenging questions and insightful comments came from the students in the audience!

All presentations from the event are available here to browse or download!